As cartoon porn continues to become a mainstream adult niche for consumers, people who get involved eventually find it very difficult to separate their lifestyle from it. But is it popular because it doesn't involve real actors? Why exactly is the rise of cartoon porn in certain internet devices?

Perhaps this story of a cartoon porn addict will shade light into the niche that is now threatening to take over the industry.

The story of a cartoon porn addict

She started it at 11 years of age when she first encountered cartoon porn at a neighbor’s house. Even though other kids were restricted from playing with the neighbor's kids in their house, she was the only kid who was never stopped from going over there and having fun with her age mates.

These parents worked till late, plus they had a huge collection of cartoon porn DVDs and magazines. Because they were curious, she decided to watch the DVDs with the neighbor's kids, an experience which they really loved as it caused them to giggle through the clips. They first-forwarded and slowed down the hard-core sex scenes to make sure that they were not missing out on anything. They also laughed at the silly story lines in the cartoon porn movies. It never occurred to her that watching this stuff was really going to make a big deal. Therefore, it was just an innocent beginning.

But this is how it eventually turned out

She thought the animated characters in the DVDs had beauty, money and sex appeal. That is the reason she wanted to be like them.

But she also wanted her own private time dedicated towards engaging in this porn as opposed to just watching with friends. So she stole one of the adult magazines in the house. The animated images of hardcore porn and sexy women was too irresistible. She even started visiting liquor stores to get copies of these magazines. Apparently, the clerks never asked why she was buying porn magazine at her age. They were just amused that a teen was buying porn magazines. Again, it was not a big deal.

At first, the pictures of the naked women could arouse her. But soon she realized that this was not working, so she started masturbating on these magazines. She also started looking for things such as orgies, anal sex, gang bangs etc. She was soon watching bukkake scenes where dozens of men could ejaculate all over the place.

She had no problem masturbating on movies. But somehow she was blaming herself for participating in such cruel porn movies at this age. In her world, only sex mattered.

Her latest status on the same

Ever since, she has taken a break to try and learn how to interact with people in a non-sexual way. She is also trying to learn that there is more beyond the always hot, sexy porn star persona. She is now coming to terms with the reality that this is just acting, and may not reflect what happens in real life.

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